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CHAO Printmaking Studio opens to the public on the CHAO Art Day each month, with a series of printmaking workshop. Everytime the workshop works in a small group, with a maximum attendee of 10 people, all directed and taught by our professional technicians.

After the workshop, attendees could take their own works (framed) back home.
This workshop includes:
  1. Introducing the process and history of printmaking, learning from the original pieces made by the masters;
  2. Experience the concept, techniques and process of printmaking, accompanied by our professional techinicians and artists.
About CHAO Printmaking Studio

CHAO Printmaking Studio is located inside CHAO Art Center, in the center of Sanlitun district of Beijing. With 300m2 of studio facilities and a team of professional technicians, it has the capacity to produce a wide variety of printmaking methods, including: etching, silkscreen, lithograph, mimeograph, woodblock printing, paper making and comprehensive print.

CHAO Printmaking Studio will continue to expand its residency program and invite leading artists all over the world to collaborate with. The Studio will feature the work of each resident artist in the annual CHAO Printmaking Exhibition, promoting and recommending the artists' works to art organizations as well as a community of collectors. 


北京市, 北京, Китай

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